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"Barack's Gonna Take Ant’s Money"

Barack Gonna Take Ant's Money(Other wise know as the Unraveling of Anthony Cumia)

Back on November 5th, I was listening to the Opie & Anthony Show. Co-host Anthony Cumia, who is not an Obama supporter, claims that once Barack Obama became the President Elect, black people started harassing him. Once such case of said harassment was when a black man walked out in front of Cumia’s Escalade forcing the high profiled radio star to screech to a halt.  When Cumia yelled at the man, the man simply replied, “Obama president naaah!”  This of course caused Cumia to loose his mind and rant on the show.

I started recording the show just as Cumia began loosing his marbles verbally.  Then I wrote a song about it called Barack Gonna Take Ant’s Money, (BGTAM), and sent it to the XM studios.  A staffer named Derek, from FoundryMusic.com, reviewed the song then sent me an e-mail stating the he like it and would “pass it along”.  Apparently he did because on January 27, 2009, the song debuted on the terrestrial side of their radio show. (They broadcast half of their show on regular radio and half on Sirius XM satellite radio.) The next day Opie & Anthony closed their show by playing the uncensored version of BGTAM on the Sirius XM. Since then, the hook of the song has been turned into a sounder which is played once in a while when Cumia starts to dis’ Obama.

Below are links to BGTAM and how it was used on the show. I will post the uncensored play from XM once I edit the conversation is sparks down to a shorter amount of time.

Lyrics: [nsfw]

Barack gonna take Ant’s money
And give it on up to me

Now I been listening on the radio
To what’s goin’ down on the O & A show
Obama’s got Anthony’s knickers in a twist
Something about the tax and the guns in his fist
In guessin’ and bettin’ they gonna take Ant’s guns away
Robbin’ the rich for the black man’s better day
That’s just crazy if you think for a sec
Now why the fuck would I want Anthony’s check?
Unless I’m gettin’ a Shelby, a chick to smell me
A sweet radio show, yeah that would sell me
But am I getting’ paid?
And how!
Obama President Naaah!

Barack gonna take Ant’s money
And give it on up to me

It’s the United Negro Cumia Fund
A chick in every bed and under 21
So turn in your guns for collard greens
And your Starbucks for the grape soda machines
Gonna get me a fire pit to burn shit in
And Anthony’s gonna have to take it on the chin
I’m bumpin’ into cracka’s that don’t steer clear
It’s the black man’s time for terror and fear
Don’t worry ‘bout the mortgage or payin’ the rent
Obama’s got your back ‘cuz he’s heaven sent
And when he’s done improving my life
I’m a have more money that Ant’s ex-wife

Barack gonna take Ant’s money
And give it on up to me

Hit ‘em where it hurts!

Barack gonna take Ant’s money
And give it on up to me

Lead Vox, Music, Lyrics, Recording – Nate Schneekloth (aka Pharaoh)
Backup Vox – Jen Odien & my 7 yr old daughter, "Little P"
Mind Loosing Hilarity – Anthony Cumia
Voice of Reason – Greg “Opie” Hughes
Chuckling Antagonist – ‘Lil Jimmy Norton